Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Short Film Round-up: January

Hello readers! I know it's been awhile but I have finally come back to introduce to you a new segment on my blog: Short Film Round-up! It will be a monthly segment that I have created to help share to you all the short films I have been loving for each month. The short films don't have to be created during the given month but these are the ones I have found myself rewatching due to my unexplainable attraction towards them. Hopefully you'll like them as well!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lights, Camera, Camp!

Over the years, I have spent hours locked up in my room watching a variety of short films and feature films of any genre. I chose to spend majority of my time watching Film Riot videos on the ins and outs of filmmaking rather than memorize the entire Periodic Table of Elements for an upcoming test. In this case, procrastination wasn't the evil villain we connote it to be.

Once I realized that I have put great interest into the film industry, I went on a search for any workshop or event I could attend. Most of what I found were directed towards college students so with a heavy sigh, I kept looking. The search ended when a schoolmate posted on my batch's group page proof that the world of Pokémon does exist. Just kidding. The message went as follows: "Hi guys! Loyola Film Circle is inviting DLSZ students to join Film Camp! It's a Film Production workshop for high school students that will teach you the basics of cinematography, film directing and film editing." Yes, it indeed said high school students. You can imagine how I reacted to this.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Halloween in Japan

Often times, my family decides to travel locally or internationally during the semestral break. This usually disagrees with my plan to spend Halloween with my friends and dress up to gather sweets to last the hibernation period (note the sarcasm). However, I thought to myself, why not combine the two?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creativity Comes At Midnight

Well, this is it. The first ever blog post. If you've randomly stumbled upon this, congratulations; you're witnessing the start of something new and hopefully beautiful.

I'm that kind of person who always keeps a small notebook or a phone right beside my pillow. In there, I write the ideas that burst into my imagination while I struggle to sleep every night. It could literally be anything - dreams, plots, scripts, poems, movie/book titles, tumblr urls, music festival ideas and you guessed it, this blog.

I plan to challenge myself by creating memories and sharing them to you. This is also for the betterment of my writing and storytelling 'skills'.

The blog title, The Girl & Her Clapper, is a reminder of my ultimate goal: to create creative and innovative films and share them to the world. This is the verse I will contribute. The last sentence is a reference to my favourite line from the inspiring movie "Dead Poets Society" directed by Peter Weir. If you understood the reference before I told you, I applaud you.

Welcome to my journey and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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